I hope Detroit: Become Human lives up to its tense E3 showing


Until this week at E3, when I thought of'nbsp;Detroit: Become Human, I thought about Kara the android. But now I have a new name and face to associate with Quantic Dream's PlayStation 4 neo-noir thriller: Connor. Dude does not mess around! He's a different model of tin man, an advanced prototype specifically created to help humans deal with "deviant" androids who have all of a sudden begun acting strangely -- exhibiting signs of human emotions'nbsp;-- for reasons not yet known.

In the hands-off demo I saw (the same one you caught a glimpse of in this week's trailer), Connor is sent into a swanky high-rise apartment to avert a hostage crisis. The police are on the scene, banged-up, angry, and ready to gun down the rogue android and be done with it already. Problem is, he's standing out on the edge of a balcony with a little girl and a firearm in hand. He's ready to jump. It's your job as the cold, calculated Connor to make sure he doesn't leap off with her.

Leading up to that tense-as-hell encounter which can end in numerous ways, including the death of the hostage or Connor himself, you'll walk through the apartment to gather any clues or information you can to raise a sometimes-on-screen "probability of success." Take too long and that'll be its own ending: a bad one.

I hope Detroit: Become Human lives up to its tense E3 showing screenshot


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